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What is the impact of psoriasis and Corona virus?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

I really dont know Tom ,Is there an impact with Psoriasis and Corona virus? , I know i am careful not to catch anything especially skin related as i may not be able to distinguish them apart say with like shingles or scabbies etc , I cant answer that Thank you

GaryG @garyg

I believe if taking immunosuppressants then we are vulnerable due to compromised immune system. I would stay away from immunosuppressants including biologics and try to treat flares naturally.

Joy @joy697

I am very nervous. My son and I are both on Biologics.

Lesley @lesley65

Me too joy ... think psoriatic arthritis more likely to have heart complications too but best to just self isolate as much as you can look after yourself boost your immune system with vit c etc xxx stay well good luck !

Rita @rita

I think the stress which surrounds all of us at this difficult time definitely worsens our skin condition. I’ve noticed my skin suffering because of the constant anxiety but with the better weather coming it’ll get better in the sun. Interesting how the sun kills the Coronavirus.

Joy @joy697

Stress stress and more stress. Especially if u are on biologic

Lynn @lynnb366

@GaryG, absolutely!! ALL NATURAL NON TOXIC products ONLY. ❤️ The only way to live is with those. A friend introduced me to products made in the USA, that were all natural, certified organic, and it changed my world, my skin, my pain, my bedroom linens and carpeting throughout my house!! It’s the best change I’ve ever made in my life, besides divorcing my first husband. I was completely covered (96%) in plaque psoriasis for over 18 years. My calves, both, both of my thighs, both knees so bad that I couldn’t bend them because they’d bleed or it would be so painful it felt like someone was ripping my skin off of my body from every side, my genetal area (thank god not internally), my butt cheeks would alternate sides at times with the thick crusty patches, inside of my belly button, my hands, arms, and of course My good old elbows (same kind of living as the knees) once in a blue moon I’d get a spot on my back and every so often along my forehead at the hairline, but then of course my scalp. I would pick and scratch for hours at night because once the plaques were stopped itching and it was easier to get the solutions into the raw skin, and I couldn’t have cared less about the blood or clumps of hair that I ripped out with the skin when I’d pick. (Sad but true) I would get my hair colored at the salon because the color in they’re dyes we’re stronger and I would feel them burning my scalp and knew it was a very good pain, it seemed to burn away the skin plaques for a longer period of time then the hair solutions. After 20 years of feeling ugly, embarrassed to be seen in public, have contact with a boyfriend or husband, wanting to wear a dress but couldn’t, shorts were a mono and same with a swim suit which is my all time favorite thing to do..SWIMMING AND BEING POOLSIDE IN THE SUN! THE rude ass people would stare as if I had lepracy or that they might possibly catch a disease from me, the TEARS I have cried many mornings, noon or at night, begging for relief. FINALLY, I’ve been cleared and have no sign of psoriasis on my skin. I was scarred for a good 3 years but they’ve almost completely faded away. Every inch of my body, my epidermis is clear again, finally, and I cherish that so much. Unfortunately my psoriasis went deeper into my body as I was clearing my skin it went into my joints and have psoriatic arthritis which totally sucks. Very painful and I hate the daily swelling and pain and limited movement but I’ll deal with it as best I can. Sadly they have me taking taltz injections once a month, methotrexate weekly, folic acid, Celebrex and sometimes they try to get me to take prednisone but I refuse. I’ve had 3 lower back surgeries and 2 cervical surgeries, and the arthritis in the joints is the worst. But it’s necessary to treat the PsA.
I wish I would have changed my soaps, my hair and skin care, my household cleaning products, my cosmetics should I wear them as rarely as I do for a wedding or something. I ONLY use NATURAL NON TOXIC PRODUCTS. They’re amazing and have made my life so much more happier, even though I ended up with the psoriatic arthritis, that’s not as embarrassing as the ugly skin plaques that I lived with for too long. ❤️❤️ NON TOXIC FOR ME, EVERYONE SHOULD TRY THEM AT LEAST FOR A MONTH!! ❤️❤️ You’d be amazed at the difference.
End of rant...sorry 🤭☺️

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