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What is the impact of psoriasis and Corona virus?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

I really dont know Tom ,Is there an impact with Psoriasis and Corona virus? , I know i am careful not to catch anything especially skin related as i may not be able to distinguish them apart say with like shingles or scabbies etc , I cant answer that Thank you

GaryG @garyg

I believe if taking immunosuppressants then we are vulnerable due to compromised immune system. I would stay away from immunosuppressants including biologics and try to treat flares naturally.

Joy @joy697

I am very nervous. My son and I are both on Biologics.

Lesley @lesley65

Me too joy ... think psoriatic arthritis more likely to have heart complications too but best to just self isolate as much as you can look after yourself boost your immune system with vit c etc xxx stay well good luck !

Rita @rita

I think the stress which surrounds all of us at this difficult time definitely worsens our skin condition. I’ve noticed my skin suffering because of the constant anxiety but with the better weather coming it’ll get better in the sun. Interesting how the sun kills the Coronavirus.

Joy @joy697

Stress stress and more stress. Especially if u are on biologic

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