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Hi my lovely Flaymers. Hope you are all well? How do you feel about this Covid 19 virus? Do you think it will affect us more than others because of our Immune system?
Look after yourself and keep the immune system up! xx


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Natalia @natalia1

I try to keep my usual regime. Reading, writing and doin workouts on You Tube

Michelle @michelle1021

Great attitude Natalia. We have to keep busy and not let this virus distract us. :)

Rita @rita

Hi Michelle (& all Flaymers!),
I haven’t read anything to that effect yet. I think with the constant stress and worry that our skin will be unhappy but whether that translates into weakness towards the COVID-19 who knows. Keep up your spirits, stay home if you can and hopefully this nightmare that we’re all living will resolve itself.

Alexandros @alexandros

Hi Michelle. My Dr told me that we with PA should be extra careful because our immune system is exposed more. The Dr also said she would have taken me off some of the meds Im taking but because its such a low dossage I should just be careful and stay on them.

Jane @janehoney

I am also curious about this. My country has already announced its lockdown but since I am working in food industry and we are appointed to produce and distribute foods and other necessities nationwide, we are encouraged to work. But I've been absent since last week lol just wanna know if the virus will affect us more than the other people who has no problem with immune system.

Michelle @michelle1021

This is a pondering issue...I mean, taking into consideration our immune system, shall we take extra care? I'm still okay. been taking immune boosters like mad but if we get sick? all I can say is... ladies and gents... lets keep our immune system up okay? drink your immune boosters and lets stay healthy.

Rosey @sue2023

I take Vitc tabs especially now and staying home. Hope everyone stays healthy in these uncertain times.

Alexander Bruce
Alexander Bruce @bruce

I am not overly concerned at this point although we here of all the deaths in Italy we do not hear of those that survived

Irene @queenelle66

Our immune system is bad it is possible if we are careless to fallow the health said , wash our hands, sanitize, stay at home ..
Better to be safe than never , take care all ❤

Ellen @ellen04

Since lockdown here in SA I have not taken my psoriasis meds by choice ….have not told my doc ...I instead take a supplement to boost my immune system & I take Vit C & D … I have so far only had a little flair which has since disappeared...we are so vulnerable with our immune system being low...

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Michelle @michelle1021
Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

I really, Really love wine...

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