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Hey fellow psoriasians! My doctor prescribed a new type of steroid topical (from a well know brand) that comes in 'foam form'. Rather strange, the only way I can describe is like spraying yourself with antiperspirant. Anyone have experience with it?


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Lianne @lia2

Think that’s what I’m on

Arch @arch

Ok, I've just never seen it before so was curious if the application method makes a difference. From what I've read online, people talk positively about it :)

Michelle @michelle1021

no thank you . I'm happy with what I use. Have it for 28 years and what I use is good.

Rosey @sue2023

Yes it works to some extent but I don't use it everyday. Some have great success with En. When you don't use it for a, while psrioasis comes back. Might work for milder cases.

RIAZ @mrashruf

Works great if you have p wide spread. Spray on and no need to rub in. The excess skin falls off

Arch @arch

Thanks for replying, I understand that everyone is different and has different experiences with psoriasis. I am giving it a go, as i won't know for myself without trying.

Kay @nuggetsmcr

Ive been using this for Years on my face. Not good i know but its the only thing that calms the soreness/redness. Unfortunately only lasts a few days before another application is needed. Luckily ive trained my skin to only need it once a week.

Claudia @claudia103

Treat the cause not the symptoms... not keen on steroids

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