...feeling okay Jane @janehoney


Got my online consultation with my Doctor. She recommended me not to go work. I am taking some medicine and told her about my workplace. She said it would be better and safer if I stay at home. I said ok.

Now what to do? I'm bored. 😂


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Michelle @michelle1021

lol Jane. we are all bored believe me. I can't stay at home not doing anything. I do work from home sometimes if I don't go to work but thing is, I'm still at home. sitting infront of my laptop working. the only thing is that I'm getting fat lol. I'm gaining weight from all the sitting. I'm not used to sit this much. If you work in a very stressful environment then I'ts good to stay at home where you can relax and your P too. sometimes staying at home is good for us. no stress but I think when you have kids in the house, it will be a madhouse

Jane @janehoney
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Hi hello thank you... 😁

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