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Has anybody tried ultraviolet radiation uvb as have just started at local hospital


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Arch @arch

Yes, it took about 6/8 sessions of skepticism before I really noticed a huge improvement. Hope it works out well for you!

Amy97 @amy97

Yes I did this from June-sep 2019, takes a while to notice improvements but before you know it skin becomes clear. It’s a dedication as you have to attend very regularly but I can assure you it’s so worth it. Huge boost in confidence, and life becomes more confortable

Linda @Linda1009

I have it’s the only thing that helps

Claudia @claudia103

It will clear symptoms but not so keen on such a treatment. The psoriasis will return.. Unfortunately psoriasis is not curable at the moment but taking dietary measures will be better for all round health, get plenty morning and late afternoon sunlight, protect skin with coconut oil, not sun block and drink plenty water especially in the summer months. Im still battling a bit with mine but its not as bad, my skin is 75% better I find intermittent fasting also helps.

Chrisb @chrisb

I did light treatment at local hospital18 months ago. It was a long hard slog 3 times a week before work, the staff were caring and professional. It took a while but it did make a difference but just as bad as it was now, possibly due to current stress levels. I could have the treatment again but only once more so I'm saving it till it gets real bad. Don't forget your black sock !

dave @daveh

Hi Arthur , I have had psoriatic psoriasis now for 12 years and when I first got it the hospital put me on it three times a week , it does help even in short bursts but it’s just a pain going to hospital every other day as I work full time so I bought a UVB sunned off eBay for £1200 well worth it , it’s like a normal sunbed but the tunes are fitted with UVB light instead of UVA it’s a mixture of both but I find when I have a flare up I use dobervet ointment (not cream ) cover myself in that leave it for half hour to hour then go on sun bed three times a week. It really helps and you end up with a decent sun tan . There are smaller stand up vertical lamps you can buy also. Well worth looking at that. But they do work trust me.,,Dave. I’m 58 and have been using this method now for 10 years , I am also on 15mg of methotrexate every week which I inject once a week as I don’t like the tablet form as it made me feel nauseous good luck mate

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