...feeling hopeful Clint @NJClint


Hello everyone psoriasis is doing great knee has now been replaced quarantining here in New Jersey is fine wear a mask wash up good


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Good news Clint about your knee,Well i just wash my hands on a regular basis and alcohol gel up at work, all i can do , I wish you well :)

Linda @justicejones

Stay safe Clint we hear the States has been very hard hit with this virus! In Canada we are seeing some improvement in numbers and deaths. Scary stuff as I have asthma and interstitial lung disease inmyleft lung.

Diane @froghop26

Great to hear. Look after yourself and your new knee.

Rita @rita

Good to hear that all going well for you Clint. Stay healthy.

Rosey @sue2023

Psa hit you too hey, weird world we live atm Hope your new knee is good hey, that's a positive.

Heather @heather270496

Glad to hear you are doing well, I see in the news the U.S. has been hit hard, continue to social distant, wash your hands and stay safe

Michelle @michelle1021

well hello stranger. haven't heard from you in aaages :)
I'm glad your knee and you are doing great. good thing you're in quarantine so now your knee can have extra time to recover. we are all masked up here in SA too, hand sanitizer has triggered few spots on hand but nothing severe. I love the lock down to be honest. Streets are empty and so are the shops. I just LOVE IT. I'm really surprised at how SA is doing during this time. We have a bit of looting but everyone works together by staying at home. I just feel sad for the poor people. Our groceries went up. the price is just insane on food. everything came down except for the food price. ah well, we will survive. Keep safe and good to see you back! :)

Ellen @ellen04

True Michelle... they really ripping us off with the price of food....I also loved the lock down was great being at home...

Michelle @michelle1021

I'm sure you enjoyed being at home Ellen. The rest do us wonders but being at home for me felt great Ellen but then the real work started. I work more from home than what I did at the office. My MD is such a prick and I wish I could slap him silly. lol.

dave @daveh

Hi Michelle hope your well x Dave

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Dave, I'm very well thank you. How are you keeping? Hope lock down isn't too much for you? Stay safe and be happy!

Michelle @michelle1021

Like Rita said, get some rays. I hope you are following her advice? Let me tell you, being in South Africa we always have rays. no matter where you go in the house, there are rays, the part where there's no rays (especially in winter), I take a blankie with me, a chair or cushion and I seek the sun. that little bit of sun for 10 minutes, makes a difference on my skin. Remember, even when the sun don't shine, you will get some rays. try it :)

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Clint @NJClint
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