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My lovely Flaymers. I'll be going to England soon. My question to all of you: How do you treat your P in a cold country?


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Michelle @michelle1021

I live in the sunny South Africa but will soon be in England. With having so much sun which is good for our P, I would like to know, what are the steps I should take in making sure that my P doesn't get worse? I know from our winters in SA, my skin can get worse but going to a colder country with a different climate, can make it worse. should I just stay warm? cover up? taking more vitamins? I know I will need VIT D, but how long after I left SA?

Rita @rita

If there’s heating of the home involved, the skin gets much drier so I use a lot of aloe based creams all over. But it should be nice in England right now so enjoy the sun! Have fun with your Husby!

Alexander Bruce
Alexander Bruce @bruce

I take turmeric and vitamin D every day x

Rita @rita

I used to take vitamin D3 every day. However I was recently tested and my vitamin D level was quite high, not toxic but heading in that direction. So yes we do need vitamin D but we also need to check it every now and again.

Sid @sid

When I was suffering, I used to run my house a lot cooler than normally expected. I use a urea-based skin cream daily and then took vitamin D tablets. However, this was also when I was on regular UVB treatment so I was a lot 'warmer' having been in the light cabinets. Now, I'm able to go short sleeves thanks to the biologics but obviously have to be much more careful due to the suppressed immune system...

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes i cant wait for you come England my lief,Weather is not all bad all year so its okay, cold be worse if you lived say in sweden where there it is colder,some places only get light a few hours a day ,its mainly around 4 months of the year its at its worst i think in south of the uk, Vitamin D by natural light is important to me than pills but its an alternative for lack of warm sun through some parts of the year ,We have to see my lief, yes best try take the vit pills se how things go :) x

Sarah @sarahlou

Where you going to? I live in the UK so..

Ellen @ellen04

Hi Michelle... maybe try & stock up on E45 cream for England...I know I sent loads to my brother for his son who had terrible eczema & it helped... This will help with eliminating the dryness.. I am sure you cannot wait to leave ...anyway enjoy your last days in SA ...at least if you go in June it will be their summer months...………..

Nancy @nancynurse

Extra moisture for skin, and drink water, keep stress down and don’t forget sleep, even a nap to help with trip fatigue can be refreshing!
Safe travels/enjoy, have fun!
I can no longer travel to visit family in Sweden, so take lots of photos, to reflect on years from now!

Michelle @michelle1021

Thank you for the advice everyone. I have E45 Ellen so I'll keep it for England. The visa centres might open on 1 June so maybe then I'll hear about the visa. been too long. By the time I leave it will be winter in england lol. from one winter to the other.
Nancy - I'm sure I'll get lots of sleep and the stress will be less than what I'm having now. Thank you I'll definitely take lots of pics with my hubby. :)
Sarah I'll be based in Wiltshire :)
Sid & Rita- I don't think I need Vitamin D for sometime when I get there as here in SA we get lots of sun and if I do take Vit D, I might overdose myself which can be harmful but how will I know if I have vid D insufficiency?
Alexander - I'm a turmeric freak to be honest. Love it

Ann @ann8682

Could help another.
Over the years I have had Psoriasis in my scalp eye brows forehead and face also I suffer with itchy skin and somedays it feels like my blood is hot .
I can control a lot of it and feel like a minor sufferer compare to some.
Over the years my itchy scalp was helped by blonde shampoo (some ingredient in it) and false nails as cant scratch. CBD OIL 1000 MC 365
Works for me one drop under tongue at night helps me sleep. Hempwork renew total CBD cream on my face tiny amount goes a long way. Really has changed my life.

Alexander Bruce
Alexander Bruce @bruce

Thank you Ann will try and get some to try see if it makes a difference x

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