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Is anyone suffering really badly at the moment coz of this social disciplining and also not seeing people?


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Natalia @natalia1

I use to work from home and feel myself o'k when I'm alone/ But all this tome of carantine I stay with my granddaughter Eva and I have fun

john,Hulk @chewbacca

No not as such as i am an essential worker, i work in a nursing home in maintenance, Scary thing is we have Corona in the home thats been brought in by staff who cant stay at home after work oragencie carerswho go here and there, 5 reported with the virus atthe moment one person has died i believe, old ageresident who just struck ill very quickly, Yes i am taking risks, big ones

Irene @queenelle66

Got worst p atm .. so sad , I feel freak or beast and my husband is the beauty ..

"Beauty and the Beast ". We love each other tho that is all important .. ❤❤

Michael Chidwick
Michael Chidwick @michaelchidwick

My daughter is an Almoner in Stafford

Sarah @sarahlou
Stafford, Staffordshire UK

Single mum of two a stuffer for about 10 years started on my scalp then ended up in areas you really wouldn't want it I hate it 😔

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