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Hi my Lovely Flaymers. Been a while since I've been on Flaym. I hope you are all doing well under the COVID-19 circumstances? It's winter here in South Africa and man, is it cold. I can feel my skin burning from it. Feels like frost bite. :)


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Steve @cartermac13

Does it really get that cold in South Africa? I would love to experience a safari.

Ellen @ellen04

Hi Michelle... you guys in JHB have a colder winter to us in Durban ...the mornings have been 11degs & for us that's COLD !!...you guys must be freezing ...but our days are warm up to about 20 degs…
Steve if you from a country where it snows then our winters will be childs play for you …. hahahaaa

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Haha,Thats true Ellen,I always remember my wifey said on Flaym a couple years ago i think, it was cold at 20 degrees lol i said thats warm. My lovely wife got a lot of cold to get used too but we can have nice summers though very humid in uk when it is hot .

Rita @rita

Winter my ass Michelle! 11 degrees C is practically shorts weather here (New Brunswick, Canada). Unseasonably hot here these last two weeks. More than 30 degrees C which for May is very hot. Bundle up Michelle!

Rosey @sue2023

Cold today but I don't feel it much as so love the cold no idea why. It's easier to get warm in the cold than cool in the heat. Guess my inflammation keeps me cozy 😊

Michelle @michelle1021

@ Steve - our winters can get to -2 in winter but only for a week or so but never more. To us, its ice cold. our winters are +/- 25 degrees during the day but mornings and night its in the minus. but oi, its cold lol. I know for some of you it might not be cold but for us SA people, that is freezing. the day is good but not mornings nor evenings.
@ Elle - oh you are so right Ellen. DBN is one of the best places to visit during winter. you are lucky girl! our cold comes from the freestate as its always snowing there. Id like to see some now :)
@ Rita - more than 30 degrees? wow. I did not know that canada can reach those degrees. thought you're freezing 12months of the year lol. but I'm glad you have some warm weather. How are you doing? Love hearing from you!

Michelle @michelle1021

@ John. yes I do my John. Have to get lots to get used to but, I think I'm ready for it. with the help of our wonderful Flaymers I'm sure I'll get used to your weather.
@Rosey - you are so right my dear friend. Our inflammation keeps us warm. I like the cold too, much more than the heat as I get bloated and everything just feel its going to burst. I'm with you :) hope you are okay?

Rita @rita

Michelle we have four seasons in Canada! Our summers are from June to September and we can get up to 40 degrees C! Usually July and August are the hottest months. May and October are also usually lovely, mild months. The dreaded winter is from December to March but we do lots of activities outside such as chop our wood from our forest, snowshoe, take long walks in the forest... and drink wine! (Just me that last bit!). Right now I’m gardening all day. We grow our potatoes for the whole year plus zillions of tomatoes (125 plants this year!), beans, peas, carrots, cucumbers, melons, zucchini, kohlrabi, lettuce... so keeping very busy! What are you up to other than drinking?!

Michelle @michelle1021

Oh Rita - I just love you. Wine is my national anthem. drink wine and be happy lol. love the "last bit" I love gardening too but my garden doesn't cater for much gardening at the moment but I'll always find a space for something :) it sounds wonderful to get up to 10 C! WOW! never thought that Canada can get to that? ah I love the veggie garden you have. John and I would love to have that when I'm in England. just wish this visa can come though. You have lovely summers Rita!

Michelle @michelle1021

@ Rita: I'm not up to muc apart from working. working more from home than actually at the office. I have had lots of stress too which triggered flares on my scalp and face. places I've never had P before but I'm dealing with it. I have to be honest to say that my tar cream is helping. it slows the progress of skincells. the stress at work is not helping me with my condition but hey, as soon as I SAY its not worth it, and stay with the mindset, the sooner my P gets better. stress trigger P, and P trigger stress, so the only way to fight it is to not let the stress get to you . talk about it with your co workers and don't be ashamed, we did not choose to have this.

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Michelle @michelle1021
Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

I really, Really love wine...

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