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So not posted on here for a very long time?Psoriasis update:on my 3different type of injection for my skin and it seems to work for 6months and then not,but overall psoriasis is losing at the moment and I’m winning,never let your problem overtake you


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Michael Chidwick
Michael Chidwick @michaelchidwick

I have had psoriasis for ages, and I still suffer it on my middle back, close to my backside. About 3 years ago, I returned to Cyprus, as the sea always helps to clear my psoriasis, temporarily. ut whilst there I went to a local chemist and asked for an ointment for my itchy skin, and they reccomended dr. Blains Revitaderm Psoriasis trreatment, and it proved an absolute wonder. I have been usingt it since and my psoriasis has almost gone. The trouble is, the ointment is almost gone and I cannot purchase any more, as it is out of stock at most places. The only place it is available is on ebay at ridiculous price. It is available overseas, and definitely in USA. Sometimes it is available on Amazon

Natalia @natalia1

What these 3 different types of injections are? Could you, please, write down the titles?

Savannah @sav21


Natalia @natalia1

Thank you so much!

Claire @mamaclaire

Savannah - it is always encouraging to read good news!

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Savannah @sav21
London, United Kingdom

I have had psoriasis for about 6 years and it’s getting to the point where I need advice for other and I feel my emotions are taking over!

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