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Has anyone been home during Covid-19 and find themselves worried to go back out into the world?


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hey Claire. Yes I'm working for home but go to the office twice a week to get my duties done; Its okay thank you. How are you coping

Karkey @karkey1

yes it is very worrying. I have only been out of my bubble twice. Once to Canadian Tire for plant and the other time to MIchaels. I was not comfortable.

Claire @mamaclaire

I have been home other than doctor visits and a few grocery pickups. Most of our groceries are delivered. My area of central California has been in the news as a Covid-19 hotspot and I'm very concerned for my health and that of my 78 year old mother. Thankfully she lives next door so I am able to keep her stocked with groceries and regular hugs.

carol @carol1943

Yes I am worried about going out and also I just don't want to do anything but sit around home with husband and dog and cat. I have always been a little agoraphobic but now with the forces of the virus and of P I really have to push myself to even go out and buy necessities.

RIAZ @mrashruf

We are more at risk due to immune system. I am trying to stay away from everyone but getting the essentials done.

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