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I'm writing from the middle of California where Covid-19 is blooming. My family has immune issues so we've been home for 84 days. I officially have psoriatic arthritis. I've started on methotrexate. How have any of you found that to work?


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dave @daveh

Hi Claire hope your well , I have had psoriatic psoriasis for about ten years and have been in methotrexate all of that time starting on tablets 15mg a week then reducing down to 10mg , I found the tablets quite upsetting on my stomach so about 5 years ago switched to injection which I do once a week, you just have this injection pen and stick it in your thigh , it’s quite painless and easily done but above all no horrible stomach upsets , I still get the usual headaches and tiredness for the first 48 hours . I have been in work so have not been locked down here , I think the trick is for me using a sun bed with medical grade tubes in UVB this has been a life saver for me when I get a breakout on my skin , just jump on the bed three times a week for about two weeks plus use dobervet ointment about half hour before the bed. This really really helps and sorts me out... take care there in USA... Dave x

Claire @mamaclaire

Thanks for writing Dave. I'm glad you've found what works for you. So far I'm not having any stomach issues with this medication and I anticipate it will stay that way. Continue to be safe.

Sid @sid

I had a course of this before I ended up on my current medication. It worked but not well enough and certainly not fast enough. It's pretty potent stuff, especially on the immune system and the stuff hanging off it, so expect to have close monitoring on your bloods. Hope it works out for you, but make sure you drink loads of fluid to keep your kidneys clean too!

Claire @mamaclaire

Thanks Sid. I appreciate your input.

Alexander Bruce
Alexander Bruce @bruce

never tried it had plenty of light treatment which works for a while xx

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