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Good evening
I have psoriasis for 30 year I bit fed up with my psoriasis I feel stressed 😥 on and off Iam happy 😊


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RIAZ @mrashruf

You are not alone, we all have that feeling. It's a rollacoaster of emotions. Medications that gives you hope and then don't, makes it all worthless. You have to keep strong. It took me a long time but I have come to terms with it, the people around you have to do the same. It helps to find a routine and a good doctor. After 30 years and many meds, home remedies, I am on my 4th biologic, took me from 99% to 0% in 8 weeks. I have faith that we are getting close to a cure. At least a bit of normality before it come back. I wish you well and hope you feel better.

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