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I’ve been on methotrexate for over 25 years and it works for me I have 3 monthly blood checks


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Jane @janehoney

Wow that's long I'm always scared of taking it for so long. Are you in on and off or you've been taking it non stop? I just stop now because I can't buy new more haha but I'm applying some ointment hope it will help me.

Claire @mamaclaire

I'm new to methotrexate. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and has taken it (changing dosage slightly) for almost 30 years. I don't notice anything different other than heightened concern about my suppressed immune system during a global pandemic.

deborah @deborah4

Hi Mark; so does the the big M keep your P under control? My Derm has been pushing me towards this for a few years now. My other go-to's are failing. I've been avoiding this for about 8 years now. Since the very beginning of my first outbreak. My first Derm said under no circumstances take that. I don't have him anymore because I had to go to treatment as an emergency and my Dr changed. I've been told I have to have a liver biopsy every 3 months if I take it.... don't like the idea of that....

Clive @clive1

Hi Mark , sorry for the late response , in SA the cheapest treatment is m , been on it for 4 years now , but it is altering my quality of life poorly , any advice please ?

Lynn @lynnb366

@Clive do you take folic acid as well? It’s supposed to help with the side effects from the methotrexate!

Clive @clive1

i have not been , should i ? and what do i ask for at the pharmacy just folic acid - or does it come as a combination of ingredients ?

Ellen @ellen04

Hi Clive must take folic acid every day if you on Metho ….since the pandemic I stopped taking Metho due to it lowering my immune system but I still take my folic acid …. well my flaring is bad but Im going to stick it out a bit longer before starting on Metho again …...

Lynn @lynnb366

@Clive, mine was called into the pharmacy as a prescription. Is only 1 mg tablet a day. I am shocked your doctor doesn't already have you taking it with methotrexate.....I assumed that was an automatic for everyone prescribed methotrexate. Definitely ask your pharmacist and if you don't get anywhere with that then definitely ask your doctor.

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