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Hi all, new to this. Diagnosed at 19 now 43. Have plaque psoriasis but at its worst in all my nails. Last 2-3 months getting intermittent severe pains in my hands, any ideas if this sounds like psoriatic arthritis???


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Vickie @vickie25

I have psoriatic arthritis and it’s very painful get a rheumatologist they can help. Feel better

Lynn @lynnb366

Yes, that’s how I figured something was wrong with me. Psoriatic arthritis. In my second biological plus use methotrexate and folic acid for the side effects from the methotrexate.
So far it’s been okay but doesn’t make it go away or forget you have it.

Claire @mamaclaire

I hope you can find a good doctor to work with.

Gráinne @gingvn77

Thanks guys, bloods show inflammatory parameters all normal but low B12. Getting shots now. Helping a bit with fatigue but pains still there 😣. Waiting on one more blood and xray results 🤞🤞

Lynn @lynnb366

I hope everything is better for you @gingvn77.

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Gráinne @gingvn77
Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland

Vet Nurse, mammy of 3 kids, 1 cat and 1 dog 😁😉☘☘

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