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Hi guys I would like to ask if wearing some kind of clothes matters when you have pso I mean like leggings. I have huge world-map-like pso on my legs and I would like to avoid scratching it cause it bleeds when I do but it's really hard to hold back


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Lynn @lynnb366

It might not be so irritating if you keep your legs moisturizes throughout the day. I had the same issue years ago, any clothing touching my skin would irritate it and make it itch. I am not one who is strong enough to refrain from scratching and would bleed so bad that it would go through my clothing. (Peroxide is your friend, it removes blood from clothing).

Claire @mamaclaire

I find that the fabric content makes a big difference for me, which makes shopping online a bit trickier. I've been buying second hand clothing online which means it has already been laundered and is priced much below retail. And of course, hydrate your skin like crazy before getting dressed!

Lynn @lynnb366

You should try (if you already haven’t) extra virgin coconut extract. Slather that stuff on as often as possible throughout each day. I used that for the longest time when I didn’t have medical/healthcare insurance. Other products I mixed in with the extract but they were from a friend who was a consultant for An all natural product company in the US. She gave me samples and they changed my life ever since.
I wish you much luck in dealing with your psoriasis. I know how it feels from my 20 yr battle.

Alexander Bruce
Alexander Bruce @bruce

I wear mainly jeans and a cotton t shirt and I am not to bad on my legs but my back and chest are quite bad also I am quite hairy which doesn't help

Sid @sid

I'd guess natural products are good - cotton, something that doesn't have a bumpy texture that won't irritate the skin too much.
Like Alexander, jeans and cotton t-shirts or shirts for me...mostly anything that won't catch on anything!

Gráinne @gingvn77

Leggings drive my legs crazy with itch 😣😣

Alexander Bruce
Alexander Bruce @bruce

then take them off xx

RIAZ @mrashruf

I stay away from synthetic fabrics, most itch, get stuck to skin, creates static and can irritate my skin. Loose cotton fabric feel better. A good cream helps but find one that does not stain your clothes. You will just look like sweaty.

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Jane @janehoney
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Hi hello thank you... 😁

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