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guys, how is everyone, i just started otezla, 5 days now, anyone else eating it, pls let me know, i want to share experiences


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RIAZ @mrashruf

Have not heard of it, must be new. Had a look at their site, watch out for the side effects. Do let us know on your progress.

Cags @cags

I’ve been offered this, please let me know how you get on with the side effects

Jackie @jackie88

I have been on otezla for 5 months now. It didn't help much for the first 4 months but now I do get some relief from my psa. The side effect I notice the most is I lost 30 pour without trying. It does give me an upset stomach but just some of the time. The few side effects I do have are worth it for the relief I get from the arthritis. I seems to take forever to start helping but stick with it and you my find some relief. My psoriasis isn't as bad as the arthritis but it cleared that up also. Good luck to you and hope you can find relief too!

Claire @mamaclaire

I don't take it, but I hope it will work for you. Keep us updated!

deborah @deborah4

Been on this since February or so. I didn't get a lot of the side effects other than I have to eat quite a bit prior to taking it. I feel a bit off for a half hour or so after still, but eating helps a lot. Yup, the weight loss without trying is a real thing. Not complaining about that! Not so sure it's working anymore, but summer is my worst time, so I'll stay on a while longer. Hope it works for you.

mani @mani

update; its been like 6 weeks, yes guys the side effects are a real thing, upsets stomachs, head aches, lower back aches, i hope its all worth it, the side effects start to diminish after 2 weeks and now at 6th week, i have almost no side effect, just some times i get diarrhoea like symptoms. OK now for the real business, they say it takes around 6 weeks for the medicine to start working, so i have my fingers crossed, i should give a proper update in a week or two, i have suffered a lot like everyone else i hope its worth it. PS, sorry for the late reply, love you all

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