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Coping, money, strangers

Hello Everyone! I am glad to join Flaym. Be safe always.


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Lady @lady

Life with P is so difficult,,,,

Michael Chidwick
Michael Chidwick @michaelchidwick

Not so. You are ok. If you want to write to me, tell me

Alexander Bruce
Alexander Bruce @bruce

Hi lady glad you decided to Join Flaym I pray you have a good time here meets lots of nice people x

Lady @lady

Hi Alexander Thanks a lot! Im glad to be one of Flaymily here.... nice meeting you! Stay happy and be safe always

Lady @lady

Hello Michael, nice meeting you

Claire @mamaclaire

Hello Lady - welcome! There are so many kind and helpful people here on Flaym.

Lady @lady

Thank you Claire! Take care and stay safe always

Lady @lady

You are welcome Claire

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Lady, I hope you checked out the themes section? You have anything you would like to ask? or share?

David Thomson
David Thomson @davidthomson

Hi all nice to hear some of your comments, do you not think your mood sometimes makes it either better or worse somedays i dont even think about it and some days im Scratching my flakes off before i even realise im doing it 🤪 😌

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Lady @lady

16 yrs of beating scalp Psoriasis with the help of mineral oil

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