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Hi all not been on for awhile but thought I’d check in been clear for 3 years now still taking liveral tablets and seem to be working have a very small patch on my calf following a skin graze but all good hope everyone is enjoying the sun 👍😉


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leonard @leonard

on your calf thats whay my is will not clere .

sue @suemac

Hi Darren what are liberal tablets I have got dreadful psoriasis on my one foot had every cream and potion there is and light treatment have been taking Acitretin for past 9 months has worked well at first but side effects are awful lowered dose but that just made it come back with a vengeance so now back on higher dose just seen your post and wondered if this might be a better option to try

darren @bigd1982

Hi sue there called liverel they help clear the liver etc I get them from Holland and Barrett made of all natural stuff ... reason behind me taking them was because my enzyme reading in my blood was high and also doctor wanted to put me on methotrexate which I didn’t want to go on so taking liverel along with some excersise Cleared me in with in 3 months don’t get disheartened if u don’t see results straight away it’s worked for me good luck xx

sue @suemac

Thank you Darren I have a rare immune deficiency that depleted my cells so can’t take the methotrexate have been put on Acitretin but it has serious side effects liver and kidney damage can cause fluid on brain as well as other less serious ones like cracked lips really dry eyes and nose but my foot is so bad have taken all the skin on the sole and around the sides and heal of from scratching the itching is so bad then I’m in a vicious circle will ring my pharmacy and see if I can take the liveral tablets alongside

darren @bigd1982

Keeps me updated on how u get on wish u positive outcome

Michelle @michelle1021

so the liveral is working for you? my hubby takes that as well.

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darren @bigd1982
Northampton, England, United Kingdom

38 years old - suffer from inverse P on my legs and arms, had this for between 2014 - 2018 was clear 2018 - 2021 but now having major flare up all over my body following having tonsillitis told by GP its guttate never had this type, frustrated & sad

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