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It's friday evening gonna have a few glasses of rum and watch the sun set, I am very fortunate as I live just 50 yards from the seafront. On Wednesday head off to Turkey to lie in the sun, swim in the sea and focus on a tan. Stay safe everyone xx


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Claire @mamaclaire

Alexander! I am living vicariously through you! Sunset from home is pretty great, and a vacation at the seashore is the stuff of dreams for me. Have a magnificent time.

Rita @rita

That sounds amazing Bruce! I would just replace the rum with red wine! Enjoy your trip!

Michelle @michelle1021

Oh that sounds too nice Alexander! I love watching the sun set and rise. Enjoy and remember you are blessed to experience this. :)

Alexander Bruce
Alexander Bruce @bruce
Arbroath, Scotland, United Kingdom

I am known as Bruce as both my father and I were called Alexander. I discovered I had Psoriasis about 20 years ago shortly after my spine collapsed in 3 places, I was informed I would never work again, since then I do lots of voluntary work

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