...feeling hopeful Lady @lady


Stardust every morning in my pillow, how to get rid of it? Im so tired!


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Chrisb @chrisb

Pillow, sheets, floor, stairs, furniture, it's everywhere, you just have to invest in a good vacuum cleaner

Lady @lady

You are so right scattered everywhere

Michelle @michelle1021

I use a coal tar shampoo, but I do not use it every day. I wash my hair once a week with the coal tar shampoo. I use non scented shampoo when i wash my hair

Kathryn @katrsssbrown

I know it sucks!!..

Cags @cags

I feel your pain. I use child farm shampoo and I soak my scalp in coconut oil for a few hrs once a week. I find it helps a lot

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Lady @lady

16 yrs of beating scalp Psoriasis with the help of mineral oil

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