...feeling okay Chris @chris2038


Going on methotrexate has anyone had any success with this?


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Lady @lady

Took that metho long time ago

Lady @lady

Yes , it worked

Claire @mamaclaire

Chris - I haven't been on it long enough to know if it works, but so far no side effects. Both my mom and sister take it. My mom for 20+ years credits it with putting her rheumatoid arthritis in remission.

Chris @chris2038

Thanks claire hope it works for you

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Chris. what is methorexate for?

James @james64

Guys please look in Dr tyrant he's in Melbourne. The only good relief I got was uvb light don't use
Steroids I had p allover my body
Arms legs I was cured by Dr tyrants method he also looks inside your body as in what u eat
I'm 99.9 clear almost 20yr slights bit on elbows he had amazing creams he makes up with emu oil and other types plus a great hair body wash
He does on line consultation s
Check him out miricale Dr for me

gina @gina

they say it is very good buy i hsd a bad result cation to Italy had to stop taking it

Cags @cags

I took it for 2 years, mild sickly feeling for a month or 2 before you get used to it. It worked wonders for my scalp, ear and body p but I kept getting chest infections in the last year so had to come off it

Jenny @jenny777780

Methotrexate didn't take away all of my P but it helped stop the itching and did take away about 50% of my plaques. I doubt I would ever stop using it. I was nauseus for the first few months but am fine now with no side affects.

Jenny @jenny777780

It stopped my psoriatic arthritis pain too and I can now walk my dog for a lot longer.

Jenny @je2

Hi Chris. Been on methotrexate since 2016 fir Psoriatic arthritis. Took away the psoriasis as well, but every now and then when very dry, I get a tiny patch on my side

Ann Marie
Ann Marie @8028dushore

I had a great response regarding the arthritis but when they did bloodwork my liver enzymes were elevated so I could not use it.

Skyler @skyler

Yes Chris. I tried but I couldn’t take because it made my white blood cells too high. However my cousin takes it. He has had all success and been taking for many years. Good Luck and take care. Be safe.

Claire @claire12352

I have taken MTX for PA initially cleared up the P but had to stop taking it bcos it made me feel so ill . Tried again with injections but P returned and also made me feel ill .. so stopped medication and started using a lotion which cleared up most of P , just have a couple of small patches occasionally .

Jenny @je2

Ann Marie I've been taking it for about 4 years now. Rheumatologist checks my liver count every 6 months. So far been OK.
I've managed to stop taking the Anti inflammatory pills I also took for years.

Use if needed, which is not often now and see a Chiropractor every 6 weeks who also needles and I keep very active

deborah @deborah4

Trying to avoid it Chris. Liver and lung killer I hear. But I'm up next. Been trying to avoid it for 8 years, but I'm running out of options. Let me know how it goes.

Dianna @diannad

I used it awhile, then it quit working as well. My dr then upped it to 8 pills a week. After about the 3rd week, my hair started coming out like crazy so she took me off it and gave me samples of Otezla. That worked amazingly but like to never got it from my insurance. Finally got it thru the company. I couldn't do any of the biologics cause I have had Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. First time since getting psoriasis my skin is almost cleared up completely.


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