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78 days of strictly keto less than 20g of carbs per day has resulted in a almost complete clearing up of my psoriasis. The other side benefit was losing 100lb in weight (45kg) too! Not sure if the combination of them was the magic trick but vhappy


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Dali @angelo

Hi Tom firstly congratz on your effort and success
i was about to delete my profile and your post came up at the top of my page, i haven't met many people who have done the complete opposite to the well published vegan gluten free diet to reverse symptoms of predominately PsA sufferers so i'm super keen to hear about your journey, curious to see how many people here are on it and thriving, Thanks in advance

Dali @angelo

after a quick search ,,,,,
is this the only post about your keto thing Tom ?
i was expecting pages of posts and conversations,
about the progress etc etc

Dali @angelo

Keen to chat if your open to it?

Tom @Watsham

Hello mate happy to discuss more

Dali @angelo

great thank you, so i'm is South Australia where are you?
where/how did you arrive at the idea to go keto to aid psoriasis, btw do you have arthritis as well?
curious have you been tested for prediabetes or insulin resistance?
are you following a protocol ?
no sugar or carbs is a grueling transition if your focused on the taste of food you miss out but if you focus on the benefits as you have achieved it lessens the struggle, I also lost 25kg a few years ago fasting and on keto, but the arthritis nor the psoriasis went away, and i was sick and weak and looked unwell, happy to say i'm fatter than before :-(
i guess i'd like to know what your opinion is about the difference going keto made for you,
have you tried any other diet.

Claire @mamaclaire

Tom - that is a lot of weight to lose so quickly! I've been living keto since February and have found it to be rather easy to adjust to. I've lost half of what you have and am very pleased so far. I'm still waiting for some of the health benefits to be more obvious.

Tom @Watsham

I started at 175kg in January 2019. I was struggling with pain and generally just a lack of movement. I firstly started with intermittent fasting. I did around 3 months of 20:4 fasting then eating whatever I wanted in that 4 our window. That worked for a while and as a result went down to around 150kg within about 3months. I was happy with the improvement but didn't progress any further. This was due to work and other stuff it was hard to continue and I felt like crap. Anyway fast forward to June 2020 bearing in mind I hadn't stood on a scale since I finished fasting. And I was only up 2 kg. During the gap between fasting only and starting keto I've been considering getting phototherapy and more support for my psoriasis. I had struggled with going to the doctor as I didn't have the support I feel I wanted to tackle the issue. June came around and I decided kind of spur of the moment that I was going to try keto. Reading online that keto could make your psoriasis worse. I decided it's better to be skinny with psoriasis rather than fat with psoriasis. So started keto. Noticed quickly that I was feeling full all day and as a result naturally fell into fasting and keto. It worked for me. Within a week I saw improvement in my skin. If you like I've kind of made my own version of keto. Strictly below 20g of carbs everyday and only eat when you are hungry. I feel like I could write a book about all of this and maybe I will when I finish my plan by the end of this year. But from my psoriasis perspective I've relieved a lot of weight on my joints so I feel like my pain was weight rather than psoriasis related. My skin is healing I don't know whether it's a temporary improvement or something longer term but I guess that if it's working why would I stop going it

Dali @angelo

wow huge effort, kudos to you Tom,
I'm only 95 and i'm not coping weight wise, i don't think i'd have the strength to do what you've achieved,
agree the joints will be less painful, so the skin isn't clear just less flakey or less coverage?
btw how much PS do you have, mine is a few patches here and there, doesn't get to me as much as the arthritis does, but yes i've heard keto can make PsA worse, I either wasn't eating correctly or was one of the ones that reacts, so whats your secret sauce for keto, if you are willing to share?
fwiw my theory is, it's got more to do with insulin resistance than anything else, once the scales are tipped from pushing blood sugars over the limit each person ends up with their genetic predisposed disease, that also includes the affects it has on gut biome,

you on anything drug wise? just a Y/N will do?
thanks for the message, stick with it !!

Elaine @elaine2018

WOW!!!!! Lucky you, Tom!!! Congrats!

Jose Antonio
Jose Antonio @joseantonio

Good on you. Congratulations

Joseph @Whoknows

Woow! What inspired you to have such courage to keep it going for 2 and a half months! Bravo What a great example !

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