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Hi all I am suffering terribly with P downstairs, I am constantly itching, I’ve tried most things for washing in ok for a bit then it’s back with revenge, I’ve had a cream from the consultant but can only use that for 2 weeks.
I’m on methotrexate to


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Lynn @lynnb366

@Sarah2015, do you take folic acid with the methotrexate? It does help counteract the bad side effects the methotrexate can cause.
Try washing with a natural soap, sitting around the house whenever possible not covered up completely, air is good for your skin. Also, extra virgin coconut extract does wonders, flax seed oil is also excellent for skin issues, you can take it in capsule form or even drink the liquid if you guzzle huge amounts of orange juice with it 😖.
Once I changed the products I use on a daily basis (personal hygiene products, household cleaning, cosmetics) to all natural my skin started to heal. It was a long and painful 20 + years for me, many doctors, many specialists, otc and prescription creams and medications, different kinds of injections, supposed remedies you read in an old book or someone tells you about.....but it is finally gone. Unfortunately my skin cleared and then I was informed that I have PsA and have been on biologics, again, and take a few other prescriptions necessary to help with the unseen side of the nasty disease 🤨.
I wish you the best, just thought Id mentioned what helped me but we are all so different and not everyone reacts the same.

Sarah @sarah2015
Worcester, UK

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