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Hi, I have had P for years, but know very little about it. Can it cause swollen lymph nodes? Where do you find help for it? Drs have been clueless and incredibly unhelpful.


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Bob @DoneRiteBob

One helpful hints: use free and clear Laundry soap (liquid) like ALL. Don't use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Your cloths touch you all day then your sheets and blankets at night.

Lynn @lynnb366

Do not use store bought soap, it really isn’t good for your skin. They say to shower every other day....I found that was a hard habit to break myself but I tried. Try to use all natural products, natural liquid gel wash, natural shampoo and conditioner. Get rid of the cleaners in your home, most of them have chemicals that are very harmful (USA especially), use all natural dish and laundry soap, all natural cleaners that work just as well as some of the nasty bleaches or ammonias out there. Switch your skin care and cosmetics to all natural...ever since I changed my everyday products to all natural, my skin cleared. It has been so nice not having to deal with the ugly thick plaques all over my body. They would itch so bad, I’d scratch until I bled, then I would have to run the vacuum throughout the house twice a day sometimes even a third time it was so frustrating. After I shower I use my body butter for moisture and I am good to go until the next day, no worries about my clothing absorbing the lotion from my skin and irritating it. For twenty years I would cover up, wearing a dress or shorts was embarrassing I refused to go anywhere, but now I can wear whatever I want and not worry about people pointing at me, whispering behind my back, or glaring as if I had the plague and was contagious.
Try to get a handle on it now, don't let it go too long without trying to control it. It took me over 20+ years to get mine under control and then about a month after my akin was completely clear was when they i formed me that It had went into my joints. I now have psoriatic arthritis which is very painful and am stuck taking methotrexate and Taltz injections every month. It is a vicious cycle, I thought I beat it, and in a way I did, but I am on medication again and I really didn't want to have to take the nasty med’s because of all of the side effects and complications that could come from it. 😣

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