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Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well.

Just joined the Flaym Community. Glad to meet you, people :)


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Lynn @lynnb366

Welcome Riyaz! Sorry, I don't come here often, but wanted to welcome you anyway. I am surprised you haven't had several welcomes here already. You will find that most everyone is very friendly and try to be helpful. I hope you find some useful information that might be positive for you. There is never a definite answer for anyone here since none of us react the same whether it is how our body reacts to weather, stress, or diet, to how it reacts to the medications or methods we use to treat our symptoms. Hopefully one day, there will be an answer that will help everyone, wouldn't that be wonderful!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Flaym community as I know the people are all very friendly, caring people that try to help the best they can. ☺️

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