...feeling okay Chris @chris2038


Has Anyone tried cbd oil for P?


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David Thomson
David Thomson @davidthomson

No but might be a good way of feeling better about it, let me know if you try it Chris Cheers ...

Chris @chris2038

Read some articles that it helped clear it, I will do thanks David

Claire @claire12352

I havent yet ,but going to be doing some research for a brand of soon ...

Tracy @wilkit

yes. i'm taking it now for my fibromyalgia. I was hoping it would help my psoriasis but it hasnt. My fibromyalgia though is brilliant, no pain at all at moment , hoping it continues...

deborah @deborah4

I had some CBD cream that I used as an experiment for someone who was making it. It worked extremely well. But it was too expensive for me to continue with. 70+ percent of my body has been inflamed for about 9 years, give or take. So it takes too much coverage to afford. But yes, I think it does help.

Chris @chris2038

Thanks Deborah just trying anything hope you are good

Claire @mamaclaire

I don't know how I didn't think of this! I have some and will start using it topically.

Chris @chris2038

Good luck claire let me know how you get on

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Chris @chris2038
Glasgow, UK

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