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I hope life is treating everyone well as we stay safe from Covid. I was on Stelara but due to a lay-off, I am without insurance. I am seeking alternatives. Does anyone have any recommendations that have worked for them for behind the ear psoriasis?


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Tracy @wilkit

I have psoriasis behind and inside my ears, I get constant ear infections due to this. I first had psoriasis at 11 years on my scalp. Now I have it on my face and small patches all over my arms, back and chest. I use locoid cream for my face, betnovate scalp appln for my scalp and diavibet for other works but i have to persevere....

Jane @janehoney

Keep on moisturising it I guess. My sister is also on stelara and also had to stop she's been using only virgin coconut oil and herbal ointments since she was told not to use topical creams.

Aidan @aidan2

Tracy, so you used diavibet for your ears? I need to look that up. Is that a prescription? Thank you for sharing

Aidan @aidan2

Thank you, Jane. I am trying to keep it moisturized and I am hopeful that I will have insurance in the next couple of months to be able to get back on Stelara.

Lynn @lynnb366

I am not sure if the diavibet is covered under all insurances here in the USA, but I know it was one of the cheaper medications that I had to get when I was on so many of them. My doc, he is my favorite, knew I was without medical insurance and going through a divorce, etc..., but he would always hand me a bag full of samples to use until I had the money to get the prescriptions filled from my pharmacy. He tried to prescribe the least costing medications as well, knowing that I didn't always have the cash to get the meds right away. He was the bestest Doc ever, always looking out for me. Maybe your doctor could provide you with some samples?

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