...feeling afraid Margaret @ma10


Have had psoriasis since my mum died when l was 11 ,after 6 months l got it everywhere, am now 43 yrs young lol . I have it all over my legs, arms , scalp and recently inside my ears has anyone else has this.


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deborah @deborah4

A stressful time Margaret. My psoriasis started when my husband was dying. I was 48. I have it everywhere too. In fact, I was in treatment and living in the hospital with my husband when he died. Stress has a large impact for sure. I've been off and on, never clear, but sometimes at a level, I can deal with. I hope you get there too. Cheers, contact me anytime. I'm not on here very much but I will get back to you.

Roger @strongestform

Have you tried topical creams, Margaret?

Mine started during college, ~10 years ago. Had legions around my elbows, thighs and calves. I did get rid of most of it (permanently, it seems) using clobetasol propionate...

But - can't say if that's the sustainable option considering now that it's spread to my head and right leg.

molly @molly


Rita @rita

I have some on my scalp too Molly. It’s difficult to get rid of since the sun can’t penetrate to the scalp and rubbing creams on the scalp is messy and not feasible if going out. And as written by Margaret and Deborah, stress really does not help. If you’re not going out, I would rub a gentle cream into the scalp and leave overnight. Moisturizing is very important and don’t use harsh shampoos. Try to get shampoos without toxic chemicals and perfume.

Natalia @natalia1

Sometimes T-Gel and T-Sal shampoo from Neutrogena is helpful.

Brana @brana

believe only Kartalin cream can help,

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Margaret @ma10
Glasgow, UK

Am compassionate l love my kids ❤ am very loyal to my close friend

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