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Hi All, My body is completely covered with P it started 4 months back only on scalp Now I am on (Acitretin).Does it help in clearing lesions


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deborah @deborah4

I took Acitrentin for about 4 years. Shortly after I had cholesterol issues and elevated blood pressure. Then my enzymes became an issue with my liver. Stopped taking and got rid of my liver enzymes. yey! Overall I don't think it helped a lot if at all except in the beginning possibly. I really hope it works for you. Yeah!!

RIAZ @mrashruf

I tried it 10 years ago. Didn't do much. My P was very bad 99%cover. Now on Tremfya, been 100% clear for 12months. Alphosyl shampoo used to work on my scalp.

SSA @salman

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