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I've had scalp psoriasis on my head for over 10 plus years. Now, it's made it all the way to my left eye's tear duct. That's it - I'm going full force. It's cure or die.


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Jane @janehoney

I use Clobetasol Scalp Solution whenever my scalp psoriasis triggers also menthol shampoo for cooling effect. On my forehead and near to my eye I use either ointment or menthol lipbalm, it works for me.

Roger @strongestform

Interesting...haven't tried that. Great suggestion let me see if I can pick up a menthol lipbalm for the eye...thx Jane

Judy @jdin

Did you try menthol in the eye? Just curious to the outcome...

Lynn @lynnb366

Try johnson & johnsons no more tears baby shampoo for the eyelid. I know that it clears an eye stye over night, I am wondering if it will help with the psoriasis as well? It also does not burn when using it for the stye, so hopefully it will react in the same manner for the psoriasis. Just use a drop of the shampoo and warm water on a Q-tip to wash the inside of your eyelid and after a few seconds rinse your eye with warm water for a couple of minutes making sure the shampoo is out. Pat your eye with a soft cloth or towel to dry.

Brana @brana

Try Kartalin

Clive @clive1

Products that we could find in south africa please , if not based in europe ?

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