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Inverse psoriasis under breast are anyone know anything to help ease this TIA


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Rita @rita

Hi Debbie,
I’ve read that wearing cotton clothing or other natural fibres can help with moisture in the skin folds. Have you tried using baking soda on the affected areas? UVB light treatment can also help. I wish you very good luck in eliminating it!

Debbie @debbie1983

Thanks I'll give that a go x

Frani @frani

My dermatologist gave me a sample of ENSTILAR and it works great on my inverse psoriasis under my breasts and around my groin area. I use it twice a week and WOW, I'm amazed at how well it works. Good luck to you

deborah @deborah4

Ouch! That hurts. I use a touch of hydrocortisone cream and baby powder, but mine isn't severe there. I also put cotton pads so that the skin doesn't touch itself.

Rosey @sue2023

Dr gave yet another script for daviobet but have been using the milder 1 percent Eleuphant that's otc.
Before that I used sudocream (nappy rash cream) that was soothing. Other times used curash powder to no avail.
One sides cleared but other still stingy also Dr gave me antibiotics. I hate inverse, it hurts. Hope you find something that gives you relief.

Georgio @georgio

Sun and clobex spray works perfect

Georgio @georgio

I have been using this combination for about 2 years and I am 95% clean

Sam @sam1997

warfighter hemp!

Carol @carol49

I have had this for some years now , got fed up of prescription creams , someone suggested trying a cream deodorant and this has worked for me, I use Dove or Vaseline, I also have it on my caesarean scar , works there too

Polar @polar

Hey Debbie how are you?
For inverse places Daivonex works so nice for me. It is D vitamin on cream, and has no cortisone

JULIA @julia

I found Daivonex works well too

Eric @eric1945

Posted this long ago. In the evening or staying at home anyways shower and wash scalp very well. When scalp is still wet rub in large amounts of petroleum jelly. On the scalp only as much as possible. Wrap with plastic or shower cap and leave it on as long as you can, ie: overnight. This method has cured my scalp out breaks in one night.

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