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New here. I am under a ps attack and this is causing me lots of stress.
Doctors gave me ethanercept once a week, let see what happens.
Many power to all of you that suffers like me, most of the time in solitude and silence.


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Lynn @lynnb366

Welcome! Im sorry to hear you are suffering, hopefully you will find sone useful suggestions or help here.

Polar @polar

Thank you very much Lynn. It is being quite hard to go ahead.
I am trying to keep on going.

Peter @peter5300

Welcome Polar, if you have any questions ask and someone will help and usually more than one of use.

Clive @clive

Hi there polar , sucks to have to join a group , but this is a relatively good and informative platform, hang in there 👍

Polar @polar

Strength is out there

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