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yes poriass is a torment getting a date scary been single 10 years not cool is that contagous


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Larry @larry

would be respect to others poriass dont make us bad people but hard to get a date lol

Peter @peter5300

Hey, yes it can be daunting, but you have use to help you through it

Claire @mamaclaire

I don't think my psoriasis is the reason I'm single, but it definitely is a factor in my personal confidence.

RIAZ @mrashruf

Definitely more self conscious, can't have a flake out of place.

Don't give up though. We live in a world with options, even virtual ones now with C19.
Or.. you just meet someone who understands that it's part of you.

Good luck and hope you find someone who is good to you.

Larry @larry

with covid 19 even scariear was doing the needle thing prior nonsolont but stoppet that now you could follow me arround with a snow shovel i gave up on dates long ago but trully would be nice to chatt with a women going through the same share words and a coffee

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