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Hi everyone, I'm new here! I'm a 16 year old female in the UK and I'm taking methotrexate for my scalp and body psoriasis. Does anyone know how strong this medication is, I've been taking it for 10 months and want to know any other stronger options?


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Sid @sid

Is the medication having any effect on your condition? Is it easing the look of it or just holding station? You're most likely also drawing bloods for your specialist to keep an eye on as well. Due to your age, you'll probably be bounced around various tablet based medication as your immune system is likely to be robust enough to handle different medication. However, if you feel it's not helping you, you should speak to your specialist.
Medication affects everyone in different ways so to ask for something stronger is a medical advice thing rather than one for this forum. I can offer you encouragement but I wouldn't go as far to offer an option for you to ask other than what I've found to be useful.
Currently the way they offer medication is based on a 3 strike rule - if three medications fail, then they'll go for a biologic option which is the strongest possible but lowers your immune system quite a bit. You could ask about UVB light treatment to go with the tablets...a bit like standing in a tanning booth but with stronger lightwaves. Again, the effect this will have will depend on how fair your skin is...the lighter it is, the less effective things will be as you'll burn quicker.

Themba @themba

Well for me it works however it comes with lots of side effects after taking the drug. I feel bed ridden the day after taking in.

Sid @sid

you do need to let your specialist know if the drugs are causing some impact on your daily life. They are meant to help you, not debilitate you.

Lolita @lollie

Hi, I’ve been talking methotrexate for 8 years plus Xeljanz for 2 years. The only thing I regret is my hair is has gotten pretty thin, but the combination keeps me moving and Psoriasis flare ups less.

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