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Got the covid19 vaccine at work today nhs nurses came in to do it have any of u had it yet any side effects?


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Sid @sid

I've not been invited yet...apparently we're more likely to be mid-tier for receiving the jab. How was it?

Alan @blades

Not had it yet still waiting

Debbie @debbie1983

@sid it was fine didnt even feel it arm is a little achey now but they said that would be the case

Rita @rita

I’m not a high priority here in Canada. Might be closer to spring/summer for me.

Nancy @nancynurse

I won’t have it.. did you listen to scientist who warned FDA months ago, to leave out some of the epitomes that interfere with peptides within us.. that vaccination will cause autoimmune issues down the road. They rushed and ignored scientific warnings

Sid @sid

@Debbie - sounds like it's a bit like the flu jab if you get it for the first time. Is it a first dose with a follow up?

Kay @nuggetsmcr

I was offered it at work but refused. I dont trust it just yet.

carol @carol1943

I am 77 and will get it soon. I am happy to have it to keep loved ones and friends safe.

NicholasNick @nickwest

I’m a carer too, I’m waiting to be contacted. I am going to have it but worried about possible side affects. I’ll update when I have the vaccine, if it’s useful to others weighing up the risk.

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Debbie @debbie1983
Glasgow, UK

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