...feeling frustrated Kay @nuggetsmcr


Currently struggling with psor all over my legs, scalp and ears! Oo and a spot of it on my hand. Nothings working, not even moisturiser.


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Alan @blades

Mine gets bad in the cold weather ive got it all over my legs back and the back of my hands just got rid of it on my head

Cor @cor

Kay did you ever get tested for food allergies. I have a sensitivity to wheat and dairy. I'm loaded with bad gut bacteria. But still battling this miserable disease. It's very hard to follow a strict diet. No sugar, wheat. Dairy, etc.

Tom @Watsham

For sure it's the cold weather

Denise @denisebrooklyn

Why are some people laughing at this?
Try drinking 16 oz of celery juice at least once a day on an empty stomach. It clears the toxins that cause psoriasis out of your body. You must do it daily. Also, some people find success drinking alkaline water besides the celery juice. Drink lemon water if you have no access to alkaline water.

sherrill @sherrill

Using Enstilar on my scalp, works incredibly well, but how the heck do you get it out without shampooing once dry, two wet, and still a bit of film left. Any ideas, (short of dish detergent ) which ruins the hair?

dave @daveh

Hi Kay , I have had psoriatic arthritis for 10 years , tried all sorts , in the end , bought Dead Sea salt from med , Egypt or Jordan , twice a week long soak in that , plus I bought a sun bed with UVB tubes not UVA , used together it has been a life line plus a couple of holidays a year to places where it is known to have good salty water , it keeps it well under control

Rita @rita

I agree with Dave. The sun or, during the winter, a UVB lamp, will really help. Under the current conditions, not too many people will be able to travel to places with salty water but the lamp plus moisturizer should help the skin do better until spring/summer return. I have tried to eliminate many foods to see if it would help my psoriasis to no avail. Now I just try to keep my stress levels as low as possible.

sherrill @sherrill

Unbelievably, it is conditioner that will take out the residue on your scalp from enstilar or dovabet. They both have paraffins in them. Wet hair, apply conditioner, rinse, then shampoo, rinse ,then conditioner again. Magic!

dave @daveh

Hi Rita , for those who can afford it buy a hot tub , I buy a large bag of Dead Sea salts off eBay and tip them in the hot tub , have a did and a good soak twice a week then use a full body uvb lamp , again you can buy these on Amazon or eBay , some are expensive about £1400 but well worth the money and if you can’t afford a proper hot tub buy a cheap inflatable one and put the Dead Sea salts in that or just use your bath tub😂😂

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