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I've put together that my significant hair loss is due to meds. I've always had thick hair but have lost about 1/3 of it. My skin is great but my arthritis is just as painful as a year ago. I didn't realize I was so vain about my hair but I am.


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Clive @clive1

Hi Claire , please dont think of it as vain or pride , the simple fact male or female is honestly we would all like to maintain a reasonable head of hair - it is freaking me out as well and i dont think i am anything special lol

Alan @blades

I had the problem of hair loss so I decided to shave it all of now so I am bald head

Skyler @skyler

Claire, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you.

Claire @mamaclaire

Thank you for kind and encouraging words. In the big picture my hair doesn't matter. I am thankful for all that I have, hair and the important things too.

Claire @mamaclaire
Fresno, CA, USA

Single mama directing my little California circus with a bit o' psoriasis thrown in for levity.

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