...feeling hopeful Donna @donna22664


I've had this 50 yes now been working as a keyworker through this covid19 and it's got alot worse, no time for doctors as I work 12 hour nights Any herbal medication I can get that works plz.


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Michael O’Rourke
Michael O’Rourke @mikeinlouisiana

Donna, you are like me , I have had it since 1964 and have not found any thing that really works. Some make it look a little better.

Donna @donna22664

Working as a keyworker and a broken relationship isn't helping my skin has flared up really bad.

Rosemary @rosemary5

Had my P since 1939 I'm 86 now and a widow and have heart failure now all I say is I'm still herein had a good life all I can say don't let it win x

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