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Hi my lovely Flaymers. Haven't been on here in months. Moved to the UK to be with hubby and I'm surprised to say my skin still looks good. I hope you are all well?


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Rita @rita

Happy to hear from you Michelle! Not easy times but hope you’re both doing well!

Carolyn @carolyn947

Hi from South Africa Michelle..hope you're happy there in the UK. My family roots (from my mum's side) are also in England ❤

Ellen @ellen04

Hey there Mich …. so good to hear from you …..glad your skin doing good … I cant say the same as I went off my meds when Covid started last year to boost my immunity …. that was a bad mistake as I had the worst flare up ever....even in places I didn't have Psoriasis like under my feet …. well im back on my meds again & suffering hair loss now....it will be a slow process of many months to get my P under control again …..

Tom @Watsham

Welcome to the UK! Enjoyed the snow at the weekend?

Michelle @michelle1021

Hey everyone. We just can't win can we? :)
@ Rita - I'm glad you're doing okay. All we have to do is to keep our chin up and just carry on. Never easy but sometimes manageable. You're a survivor my friend and nothing is too difficult to overcome :)
@ Carolyn - still adapting to my new life. Doesn't feel like I'm in a new country though. Just a different region lol. Feels like I'm in Mpumalanga. Nature is beautiful here. I live in the country so the scenery is absolutely stunning. started a new job when I landed so I'm one of the lucky one's to have a job. I am so blessed my friend. :) I did not know your mom is in the UK? You be moving this side?
@ Ellen - awww Ellen, I'm so sorry my friend. I know you will get there. You're a strong lady and persistent in what you want. The process might be slow but hey, look forward to when you see the results. Concentrate on that and stay focus. It's not easy at all to go through this again but you. can. do. this. I believe in you girl. You've been through more difficult times and this....this won't get you down. Good luck and keep us updated okay?
@ Tom - Why thank you Tom. I think you're the second to say 'welcome to the UK!' lol . Thank you. Loved the snow. Went for a walk and I just loved loved loved it. Where I come from in SA, it never snow. Even the weather is beautiful. I expected more rain actually. It never rains hard. I love the wind too. Well....I love everything. It's so quiet in England, not even the dogs bark! lol. I'm fascinated by this :)

Peter @peter5300

Hey Michelle, glad the skin is good. how is the UK weather treating you and how was the move over?

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Peter. Well so far the UK weather has been kind to my skin. I did get a few spots extra but it is not severe. Taking into consideration, with all the years I've been using my coal tar cream from SA, It must make a difference as it slows down the skin cell growth. it is okay. I'm not panicking as I know it can be worse. I LOVE THE WEATHER! Raining,, windy, I don't mind. I love it. beautiful country and as long as I have my coal tar, I'm happy. I'm trying something diffrent as they do not have the LPC Coal tar here in the UK. It smells like parafin and a lot of coal tar but hey, anything that will slow down the cell grow, I'm happy :).

Peter, how are you doing? You went back to SA. How are you? :)

Peter @peter5300

Hey Michelle, yes I'm back for over a year now. bur I'm good. ya found that in Europe that they don't really keep the stuff we are used to.

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