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Hey there all , anyone have practical advice for inner and outer ear P ? It is making my hearing poorer and very annoying , help please


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Rita @rita

Hi Clint, I read that a health professional should remove the build up of wax and skin cells in the ear (don’t use a cotton swab), possibly on a regular basis. There are steroid ear drops that can help. A more natural approach is warm olive oil drops to gently loosen wax at home. Hope you get rid of it quickly.

Clive @clive1

Thank you so much for the advice , i am going to definitely try the olive oil first , and if that fails , i will get a script thank you !

deborah @deborah4

Been there Clive. My hearing went very crappy. I found when I managed to clear up my P for a bit, it left everywhere at the same time. I needed to get the overall P to slow down. My hearing is still kind of crappy but has improved somewhat after I got everything else down to a simmer.

Denise @denisebrooklyn

Let a doctor remove the wax buildup. It makes a huge difference. My husband just had that done.

RIAZ @mrashruf

Use 5050 with liquid parafin, in and around the ear. skin will loosen up.

Clive @clive1

Hi Riaz , could you clarify 5050 please.

sheila @sheila300375

Clobetasol ointment has helped my ear Psoriasis very much!

RIAZ @mrashruf

50:50 emollient cream is ready mixed 50% liquid paraffin and 50% white soft paraffin.

carol @carol1943

Same here. My P actually started in my ears. Never have gotten rid of it and it has been 60 years. Try vaseline. Not a cure but it helps the dryness that is so irritating.

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Clive @clive1
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

I am a garden variety South African middle aged male ,with way to much mouth and far too little brain power! Psoriasis was adorable i'm sure in the Jurassic age, but currently this disorder just makes me feel vulgar and repulsive !

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