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Does petroleum jelly works on you guys? I've tried a lot of different brands of lotion and most of them gives me stinging pain. There's one lotion brand that is okay but they're out of stock for now and I'm seeing a lot of petroleum jelly online.


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Brenda @momrocks2010

Just plain messy. Only in desperation. My P seems to change with each lotion I use. Eventually that one doesn't work very well and then I'm on the look out for something else. I don't think we're supposed to give names so right now I'm using one that has oatmeal in it and it helps calm the itches. Not perfect but pretty good.

Peter @peter5300

Hi Jane, I have used Jelonet gauss when i scratch my self broken and does help some but to much makes the skin very soft and easy to scratch open so be careful.

Brenda @momrocks2010

I see that Peter has mentioned his lotion so I'll mention mine too. Eucerin - Calming Cream

deborah @deborah4

I've used Vaseline. I think that's the same thing. I used a bit and then mentioned it to the nurse who does my light treatment. She says 'oh yeah, that works pretty great'. I wondered why no one mentioned this prior. Such a simple thing.

Denise @denisebrooklyn

I use a brand of salve that works for my psoriasis. It’s very moisturizing. Apparently they have a fit on this page if you try to share a brand name. Inbox me if you would like. I don’t own the company and I’m
Not trying to sell you anything.
Why do the admins tolerate people laughing at others suffering but you can’t share what works for you. Ridiculous

Denise @denisebrooklyn

Also my doctor told me that lotions aren’t moisturizing enough and to always use cream because it has an added ingredient to thicken it and it has staying power.

RIAZ @mrashruf

Off the shelf lotions don't work. Alternate creams and 5050 cream. It's messy but works to remove the crusty skin. I am on biologic 4,T. Works wonders.

Breda @breda

Try elave cream for showering and then elave moisturier forskin

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Jane @janehoney
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Hi hello thank you... 😁

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