...feeling frustrated Judy @jdin

Itch, treatment

Just so itchy right now, wish I had a bath so I could lounge in dead sea salt


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dave keyes
dave keyes @weasel

Judy you can get a product called tar pomade which can be used as a soapy substance and use all over your body works for itching a bit messy but relief from iyching

Brenda @momrocks2010

Kid's swimming pool makes a quick bath. You can use it in and outdoors. Weather permitting of course.

carol @carol1943

Been waiting for a miracle for 60 years but who knows. Miracles do happen.

dave @daveh

Hi Judy , invest in a hot tub , just keep it warm not hot and pour a larg tub of dead sea salts into the water once a month , works superb , been doing it for 5 years , great job , plus i bought a full length 5 tube , UVB light box , ok it was expensive at £1200, but well worth the money , use that also twice a month ....Dave

Judy @jdin

So Iv bought a soaking tub, kinda like a paddling pool but taller, helps but takes forever to fill up!

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Judy @jdin

Had psoriasis for around 15yrs. Makes me feel very self conscious and alone. Waiting for a magic cure to make it disappear!

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