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I haven't checked in for a bit. Is this like a dating site or something now? I'm not being silly, I was just wondering? I'm confused. :)


Theme Dating and Psoriasis

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Steve @cartermac13

I think everybody is just going thru the motion right now, especially with the pandemic.

deborah @deborah4

Okay then. What an odd turn of events. lol. I would have not made that connection. :) If everyone's happy then yay!

deborah @deborah4

Apparently, people have large opinions about this. I've been on this site for 5 years or so. I've never had so many angry, sad or laughing opinions ever. I had no intention of offending, I was asking a question. I find these responses quite fascinating from an analytical perspective. Thank you Steve for actually responding with words. :)

Steve @cartermac13

Most might be in the same boat as me with Corona virus, since I've been on Bio's for 17yrs & lacking a immune system I've been more concerned with staying alive than my P, this pandemic has been a downer. I was a essential worker for the first 7 months & since then I have semi retired, so I feel somewhat safer :) Friends :)

dave @daveh

Had my jab , phyzer one , dead easy , in and out in 15 mins , no issues at all just a sore arm for 24 hrs , such a relief to have the jab

Debbie @DD77

Good Morning!
Just searching for feedback on biologics. Got vaccine and psoriasis got severe. Rheumatoid MD wants to put me on biologics. Have had psoriasis for 40 years

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deborah @deborah4
Halifax, NS, Canada

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