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Ive been struggling with psoriasis for 10 years and Im trying to help people who have it by changing diet. Ive only ever come at it from my own journey and I’m trying to assess how it will all work for others. Do you have time to meet up for a chat?


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Chris @chris2038

Hi, can you share what worked for you did you cut anything specific out if your diet?

Manue88 @m6

It seems that many people have it sorted by changing diet drastically. After 3 years knowing so, I finally felt brave enough to completely cut-off sugar, gluten, alcohol, red meat, coffee, dairy & any junk food for 2 weeks. No effect yet as it can take 2-3 months. I’d like to understand your journey. Would you have time for a chat?

Chris @chris2038

Sure send me a message on here

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