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Current time: 2:54am. Currently in the middle of my third consecutive 12 hour night shift and looks like my P is flaring up. Don't think my skin enjoys the night shift or lack of sleep. Have you noticed a connection between sleep time/quality and P?


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Iva @iva

I've never noticed that because I am doing shifts work...quick example: I am on dead early shift today, starting at 04.45 but I do get dead late shift finishing at 01.30am
With shifts work is more stressful for Pso

Jack @psoriasisblob

I think it must be. I'm not sure about the exact link between the body clock and stress/inflammation, but feel it must be there. For me sleep or lack thereof correlates very closely to P. And ouch, 04.45 start sounds hard, I'm doing 18:30-06.30 which ain't too bad...

Iva @iva

When you get home try to sleep and relax more ;)

Jack @psoriasisblob

Haha, oh I do, I have the gift of passing out like a dead person ;) Takes me literally 10 seconds to fall asleep!

Iva @iva

You are lucky person Jack..... 10 seconds
I can't, takes me 701 positions, changing pillows ect. before I feel asleep

Jack @psoriasisblob

Haha, I am.. .It's also the beauty of chronic sleep deprivation. Lights out soon as your head hits the pillow!

Sue @Sued

I have had P for over 50 years and find that the change in climate, hot to cold and cold to hot, always sets off a reaction. At the moment I am mostly red raw skin on my P patches. Not nice but I know it will settle down when the weather is constant, either constant hot/warm or constant cold.

Lee @lee

I've worked constant night shift for 3 years now have moved house 3 times this year and my P is the worst I've seen it lack of sleep and stress .....also bad diet all to blame for this outbreak ......chin up it can only get better

sue @suek

Definitely, If I'm unsettled, my skin always starts raging

Charlotte @charlotte

I always wake up scratching the heck out of myself! My scalp mainly! It drives me insaine! Stress doesn't help me 😔I don't sleep much and everything feels worse

Cheryl @chez

I have been under a ton of stress lately which resulted in some nights only gettin an hour or two sleep. When things started to settle down I had the worst outbreak ever on my hands. I would defiitely say lack of proper sleep contributed to it.
Unlike you Jack, falling asleep takes anything up to 2 hours to get there 😣

Lawrence @Makelarray

For me everything flared up once I was put on night shift. Working at sea we usually work through the days your normal 8-530 with atleast 7-9 hours sleep a night. Once I was put on night shift my P flared up straight away. I was getting 5 hours sleep through daylight hours, my diet went out the window due to fatigue and not working in the sun didn't help either. Still trying to get things back under control a month later. So I'd have to agree with you!

Amanda @trini

when i get a good night's sleep it does help a lot. Living in London doesn't the cool weather help?

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello amanda, i live not too far away from london at around 70 miles also,the summer is good if not too hot i find, we have very humid sweaty heat when we get it,winter can be too cold so we cover up a lot and put dry central heating on and thats not good,spring and autumn are more good with air to the skin in my opinion,others may be different , may in spring can be warm and september. i like may in spring and september for mild heat,sun is ok here in small doses, i think,everyone is different with the sun here,some like it blistering hot :)

Jack @psoriasisblob

I'm actually based overseas for work at the moment Amanda! Hometown is London but I've been travelling a fair bit, was living off Africa for a while, now SE Europe. I always found warm sunny weather helped me more than cool weather.

Alan @alan

I've noticed a definite deterioration in skin tone with lack of sleep, if I miss a night my face looks like Saddam Hussein when they dragged him out of hiding.

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