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I am curious as to how other psoriasis sufferers answer the endless questions from strangers when they see the outbreak on one's skin. I refuse to cover up the whole time.......


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Tanya @tanya

I usually tell them its called psoriasis, explain the condition briefly and mention that its not contagious before they freak.

Erica @Eri

Thank you Tanya, I don't have a problem if someone asks in respectful manner but have been grabbed by my arm once by a lady with long nails, asking me what happened to you? She can be lucky I was mindful of my husband next to me or I would have klapped her there and then. I guess it depends on how one is approached and where

Tanya @tanya

I guess so hey...luckily i'm stuck with it on my feet and elbows...a little on my scalp as well .. i hardly ever get the wtf is wrong with you skin, but people can be very inconsiderate of another's feelings and tend to hurt you by asking a blunt question...not that i'm coming up for them... people are just weird....and tend to use their words and reactions incorrectly i guess.. anyway..they are all nobodies, who needs them...screw them anyway... ;-)

Keith @keithrrr

have just started being honest about it - I tell people (especially kids who always ask) that it is an immune disease that is NOT contagious but hereditary. I find that people will respond in a nice manner and many reply that they know someone who has it

gary @gazzzza365

if they dont know about the condition you get looked at funny it dosent do anything for confidence i think i disgust a lot of people just because of my scabs.

Izzy @izzy

I don't tell anyone because I want it to clear up. If I get comfortable with it, I will stop looking for ways to fix it.

heather @heathersedgwick

i dont cover up any more i did until i was in my 20s but now i think its other people that have the problem not me

Tanya @Tan

I just say its it

Ronel @ronel

I handle my condition with a smile and if anybody ask funny question, I tell them to use google

Margo @margo

People see my palms and ask me what is wrong with them. I tell them what it is and that it is very painful; especially when they are exceptionally dry, cracked and bleeding. Thank goodness they can't see my feet!

Katharina @katharina

I used to wear long pants all year long (which was torture because I get hot SO quickly, so I was sweating really bad) because I have psoriasis geographica on my legs. Now I don't anymore and people come up to me all the time and are shocked and ask me if it's really bad, if it hurts and if there's any treatment. I decided that the best is to be patient and explain, because I know it'll make life easier for the people with psoriasis they meet after me. And how should they be understanding about it, if nobody tells them.
Now I have psoriasis around my eyes, if it's bad both my lids are covered, and many people (mostly women) secretly tell me that my makeup is coming off, but I just answer "Makeup? Nah, that's my skin." :D

Ronel @ronel

Good for you Katharine, I believe in show and tell.

Jessica @saldije12

Most people don't understand it. Once you accept it and realize its nothing to be ashamed of or insecure about it helps. There are some people who tease but that is their own insecurity to deal with not yours. Most people are just curious and want a grip and what they can't understand. I usually explain its genetic not contagious and it has no cure just something i have to maintain. Most people are really accepting

Jessica @saldije12

grip on what they can't understand**

Harrison @harrison

Gosh I have just read this thread of messages and you are all very brave! I have only had it 18 months and when its bad I just cover up as I get madly embarrassed. I lived in the sun for a while and wearing long pants was such a drag! Recently visited Thailand - my goodness the heat and humidity I looked like something from a horror movie, needless to say covered up. I guess in time I will adapt and hope to be as confident as you guys, but until then I'll continue to cover up and avoid talking about it - sad really, but like everything I guess it will come with time. I never knew it was hereditary until reading this thread, i'll have to read up more about it! I only just joined this site and already I have learnt more and find it easier to speak on here - Thank you!

Ed @Mister

I sometimes get annoyed when friends or family comment on the visible effects of psoriasis and seem to think that like the cold there is some kind of common cure for it.
From what I read it never really goes away completely and doctors if one is available have to spend a lot of time to come up with individual relief of patients symptoms.

Maureen @maureen98

I'm not a good example for this question as I very rarely go out and if I do I am mostly covered up (It's winter now) and wear long pants all year round.

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