...feeling frustrated Joni @joni


I love that a simple cold knocks me on my ass for two weeks. Stupid, broken immune system!


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Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

You stupid immune system!

Reference to 'Allo 'Allo, one of the greatest series ever :)

Amanda @trini

does the flu shot help you with this?

chris @cd

hi Joni - the majority of your immune system cells develop in the gut! Start eating a high alkaline/low acid diet, it will reduce your internal inflammation and help the P and more importantly rebuild your immune system. Can let you have free recipe book and healthy shop list if you like? Private message me and will forward on to you. thx, chris

Joni @joni

@trini I got a flu shot and unfortunately it didn't seem to help. Both of my daughters started daycare in January so I think they're just bringing home a ton of germs and its just been hitting me harder than a cold should!

Janice @Immy

I look after my 20 month old granddaughter for approx. 10 hours every Wednesday, she goes to Nursery a couple of days a week, her nose is always streaming and my husband and I have suffered colds since October and we are just sick of it as they have been much worse this year than other years, I am trying very hard to build up our immune systems but it is very slow as we are 69 and 72, my husband has the flu and pneumonia jabs but I am allergic to it and he has been just as bad as me, now that I am older I feel that I am battling against my immune system constantly, old age and autoimmune system disease not good.

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