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Jules - I also have psoriasis with the arthritis and fibromyalgia I’m on humira and is working ok been o... More »
deborah - Hey, hope your doing okay after 3 weeks. Reach out if you're not, Hey Chelsea?
Thomas - Hope you feel better soon!
airene - What is ale?
airene - Thanks everyone! I think i need to change my diet from now on... Huhuhu
alex - Ale = beer
Michelle - Maybe next time you can ask her Sarah? I would like to know if this is possible. To have Psa but ... More »
Bev - I do take anti-inflammatories but only when it's really bad not on a daily basis. Unfortunately I... More »
john,Hulk - I hope all will get better now Bev,I used to eat chocolates a lot in the past, glad i am not both... More »
Mishlyn - Oohh so good Mabel!! I'm very happy to hear that! I have never seen a rhum. even when I was diagn... More »
Michelle - Hi Mabel. Like Michelle, I've never seen one before. Don't really know what it is but I hope ever... More »
Mishlyn - Oh wow, I had no idea that Rheumatoid factor could be negative and still have psa.. wow! Thanks f... More »
john,Hulk - Your welcome Mabel, I know with me Michelle, i just kept going for xrays in the early days on my ... More »
Michelle - I'm learning something new every day. This is very interesting John & Mabel and thank you for sha... More »
agb - My coworker uses it. I may have to look into it. Do you buy it at the drug store?
Sarah - You can buy it online but be sure of what you are buying!
Susan - That's great agb!
john,Hulk - I dont like needles, i wouldnt fancy getting those flakes stabbed haha :)
Munish - Myself suffering from psa. Would love to know the treatment others are having for this
john,Hulk - Hello Munish,my treatment is Diet/lifestyle changes , i have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis as... More »
Meryl - Hi Michelle, Trying to keep my diet clean and steering away from wheat and dairy . Really har... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Sonja, I was tested for Anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANA's) which are commonly found in patients w... More »
Tünde - Hi! I also have psoriatic arthritis. In Hungary, in Hungary, I do not have the doctor to do exper... More »
Susan - Ellen I have you in my prayers. Hope it all comes back positive. Blessings to you.
Mishlyn - My thoughts and prayers are with you Ellen, best of Luck with your results ❤
Ellen - Thanx Susan & Michelle....
Mishlyn - Hi Vicky, it could very well be age. Your dr can run tests to find out for sure. A lot of people ... More »
Sarah - Hmm I have this dilemma too sometimes Vicky, although rather than age I think of it as maybe wear... More »
john,Hulk - I didnt get diagnosed for psoriatic arthritis by a doc and i havnt seen a derm for years since 19... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks so much! 😊 Happy it works well for you! Do you get the hot flashes often?
Sarah - Not pain really Michelle, tightness and lead-like limbs yes. But think that's the exertion! I als... More »
Clint - The meds for psoriatic arthritis is terrible tears up your stomach bad
Diane - I have never been a huge meat eater, so it was no drama to give it up altogether. All I did was g... More »
IDA - thanks will start to look for anti inflammatory diets..need something ASAP.
Susan - That's great Diane!
Diane - Thanks Connie, I will definitely keep in touch with Flaym. Thinking about trying childs farm mois... More »
agb - Connie, my psoriatic arthritis medicine does not help my psoriasis. It is an anti inflammatory me... More »
Connie - Sorry it's not helping, but good to know. I've been considering pursuing the medication route, bu... More »
Sarah - Hi Bethany, welcome to Flaym! Misdiagnosis really doesn't help things along...sorry to hear about... More »
agb - So sorry. I hope you get an answer soon.
Clint - Please try lemon 🍋 rubbed on the areas
Mishlyn - Hi Erin, many people here have found relief using tumeric. Have you ever tried it? I was dianosed... More »
Ruben - Agree with Michelle for the tumeric, since I have added it to my diet my P is slowly but steadily... More »
Bethany - Yes Erin I was dx in December of 2015. Have already had 3 foot surgeries, total knee replacement ... More »
Gill - I have suddenly started to get joint pain even though I’ve had flare ups that cover my scalp for ... More »
Lisa - I have a lot of joint pain and stiffness along with fatigue. It's miserable. Hoping the weathe... More »
Conrad - I have found that anything with yeast in makes the joint flare ups worse. Also I use meds for go... More »
Mishlyn - Aww Jennifer, how difficult it would be not to have a helpful dr. That is horrible the one you ha... More »
Sarah - Hi Jennifer, welcome to Flaym! If you post your area in the main post, people will be able to see... More »
Jennifer - Excellent suggestion!! Thank you so much!!!
Jen - What a b#*>"*d agb! Imagine a healthprofessional saying that to anyone. Makes me furious. I.s.o. ... More »
john,Hulk - yes. well they want you using meds a lot of them, keeps them in jobs, healthy people are no good ... More »
Susan - agb many of us are steering away from the medical community. Vegetables are actually way more im... More »
agb - I have not tried a spinning class. Not sure how I feel about a tiny bike seat. I did try a mash... More »
Sarah - Try it and see what you think! The seats aren't that tiny 😉
Walter - Walking and swimming in warm water and my Fysio and that is it. Other things I can't do anymore.
Geraldine - Sorry to hear Angela Go through your emotions and be strong, it may be a nasty shock at first b... More »
Candice - Hi Angela, I’m so sorry for how you are feeling right now. I know it’s hard. I was diagnosed last... More »
Peggy - I understand your anger. I lost my job and now I just stability because a my issues and it is a g... More »

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Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis

There is a chance that with psoriasis you also also develop inflammation of joints (psoriatic arthritis). This can come with swelling, stiffness and pain around the joints. Most people develop psoriasis first and are later diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Flaym members talk about their experience with psoriatic arthritis. Join the conversation!

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