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Tracey - I am on Salaza calciferol Celebrex and biologics. I was told by the Dr my vit d are sky high?..
Jenny - Biologics are apparently very expensive. Are u in South Africa? Seems we take mostly the same. Al... More »
Gill - I have suddenly started to get joint pain even though I’ve had flare ups that cover my scalp for ... More »
Michelle - Aww Jennifer, how difficult it would be not to have a helpful dr. That is horrible the one you ha... More »
Sarah - Hi Jennifer, welcome to Flaym! If you post your area in the main post, people will be able to see... More »
Jennifer - Excellent suggestion!! Thank you so much!!!
Jen - What a b#*>"*d agb! Imagine a healthprofessional saying that to anyone. Makes me furious. I.s.o. ... More »
john,darts vader - yes. well they want you using meds a lot of them, keeps them in jobs, healthy people are no good ... More »
Susan - agb many of us are steering away from the medical community. Vegetables are actually way more im... More »
agb - I have not tried a spinning class. Not sure how I feel about a tiny bike seat. I did try a mash... More »
Sarah - Try it and see what you think! The seats aren't that tiny 😉
Walter - Walking and swimming in warm water and my Fysio and that is it. Other things I can't do anymore.
Geraldine - Sorry to hear Angela Go through your emotions and be strong, it may be a nasty shock at first b... More »
Candice - Hi Angela, I’m so sorry for how you are feeling right now. I know it’s hard. I was diagnosed last... More »
Peggy - I understand your anger. I lost my job and now I just stability because a my issues and it is a g... More »
Sarah - Ace post Michelle! No I didn't know this. I have had problems with my vertebrae from a fall on my... More »
Sonja - Interesting.. I never knew that but I have most of those!! I wonder why?
Julie - Thanks for the info -
Lucy - Won’t lie John it’s looking great and that’s only 2 lots of my loading doses. Joints feel a littl... More »
Nan195 - Hope you are feeling better Lucy ❤️ and hugs 🌹
john,darts vader - Good lucy, yes i have experienced things getting bad before they get better in my life with skin ... More »
Caroline - Thank you for all the advice and I do yoga but today my knees were killing me and I was strugglin... More »
Bryan82 - Diet and creams Caroline xx
Geri - My knees and other parts always hurt more in the winter. I always walk but for you do some walkin... More »
Michelle - Tai Chi is really nice Roxanne. Very gentle movements. Lot's of great videos for beginners on you... More »
Roxanne - Doing it at home makes good sense.
Roxanne - Then others wont see how much of a cluts I am Thanks Michelle.
Susan - Beth sorry to hear that. If you want to try the elimination diet send me a message. Believe me... More »
Diane - Well I started the meds yesterday, a little nausea but nothing too significant. However, today I’... More »
Beth - My biologics are every 6 weeks, but I don't have symptoms like that. I hope it improves for you.
Norrmall4me - That's great news Jennifer. I've been grating the turmeric so I will stay at it
Kasha - This sounds hands hurt and trouble holding items
Angela - yes, I was only diagnosed in October last year. But I also have osteo. So, sometimes difficult to... More »
Deleted account - agb, if it was esr which was the test they gave me also called sed rate. The test actually meas... More »
agb - I also had X-rays done on my hands and feet. They were checking my joints to see how bad they wer... More »
Deleted account - Me too, I think I may request a release of information for the veterans hospital , but then I had... More »
Sarah - That is so sad Lynn 💛
Lynn - Thank you Michelle and Sarah! Appreciate your kind words, I miss her so much but at least she’s b... More »
Michelle - We sure are lucky to have our guardian angels Lynn :) I know my grandmother is one of mine. I ... More »
Deleted account - Instead of spinning, find the rowing machine works your shoulders, belly and legs also the ba... More »
john,darts vader - i thorda sawa puddie cat i did i did, does this help will doing these exercises?
Jolene - It can show up anywhere. I not only do I have it in my joints, but in my bones. I feel like my fo... More »
Ann Marie - My blood work was good but I had the physical symptoms, pitting nails, sausage like fingers, pain... More »
Paula - My doctor referred me to a Rheumatologist, after not being able to figure out what was causing my... More »
Eileen - My doctor had them check when they ran bloodwork. I didn’t go on meds until a few years ago ( af... More »
Shane - Im hope there's an improvement
dimidi - Sent magic to you .
Beth - I so know that feeling Laura. I want to live a life I can enjoy, and it's so difficult to have t... More »
john,darts vader - hope so to bren, i diagnosed myself with athritis before the doctor confirmed it because i had ma... More »
Susan - Bren my diagnosis was years ago. I was injected with some sort of radioactice dye and then this ... More »
Angela72 - I went to see my GP and he dismissed the symptons, went back and now seeing a biomechanical surge... More »
sandy - oh im so sorry other that. we all should live in tropical countries!
Trevor - I have similar probs, but mine is due to osteo-arthritus,I have pains In most of my joints
john,darts vader - sandy, give me 6 winning lottery numbers and i will be off to the tropics :)
Julie - apologies for extending your thread. I wanted anyone to see this to pls. request... More »
Julie - If this last post offended the policies pls remove. My best intentions where not to do this but q... More »
Deleted account - Julie, no worries, I don't think you broke any policies here. :-)
Lynn - Sadly I’ve been dealing with this darn disease (autoimmune) since I was 30, so it’s been 22 years.
Susan - Gail my doctor, just an MD, believes I am healed. I still have the odd blood test for lupus, no ... More »
Susan - Gail I have to add that I would not buy into being told I could not be cured. That's me though a... More »

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Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis

There is a chance that with psoriasis you also also develop inflammation of joints (psoriatic arthritis). This can come with swelling, stiffness and pain around the joints. Most people develop psoriasis first and are later diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Flaym members talk about their experience with psoriatic arthritis. Join the conversation!

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