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From just curious, how many of you have been clear ... by john,Hulk

Sabrina - I soak in epson salt with coconut oil, and I also use naproxen to relieve my psoriatic arthritis ... More »
Karen - I also have IBD, DIVERTICULOSUOS, which determines what pain meds I can take.
Christopher - Yes! Psoriatic Arthritis, Crohns and Bile Salt Malabsorbtion. All linked together in shitty harmo... More »
Joel - Exhaustion and mood disorders can be caused by the bodies use of energy to maintain its inflammat... More »
Sarah - Hi Patricia, hope you'll find some sense of connection here at Flaym. I know I have! We're all he... More »
john,Hulk - hello patricia,i have both and its better by changing my diet/ lifestyle in what i eat and hydrat... More »
Deleted account - You can buy curcumin tablets to take instead of going through all that...curcumin is the active i... More »
alan - ok not tryed them were do you and can you get without doctor
Deleted account - You can buy them in health stores, they are supplements not scripts.
Jill - I have not tried them....although they are very effective for some people. I do know they are pr... More »
Susanne - I am using a biologic for psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis. There is a support group and financi... More »
Jill - Glad it worked for the arthritis.....the skin is a little easier to deal with.
john,Hulk - hello paul, i have both too,my arthritis is good, and skin getting better slowly through lifestyl... More »
Mishlyn - Ohh my Trina, thank goodness you're okay! That would have been so so scary :( I hope you are able... More »
Jill - Trina! My goodness, you have sure been through it... hope you are on the mend now! I wanted to... More »
Trina - Thanks mistlyn and jill I am doing lots better and I have a Wonderful, Supportive and Loving Husb... More »
michelle - Thanks John, coping okay I have a good support system at home and Dr's as well. But hard to te... More »
john,Hulk - its the way a lot of us are with it michelle, I never spoke about it until I came here,just somet... More »
Teresa - Yes I have both
Kelly - No, I've never tried coconut oil def will try. diet I have started I'm also trying to lose weigh... More »
Shawn - Kelly - I too have hand and foot psoriasis and a few small spots on my lower legs - before changi... More »
john,Hulk - what shawn is saying is correct Kelly,slow elimination of foods that you love taken out overtime,... More »
Jessy Augustine - Shawn, happy to hear your progress. Can you tell us about your trigger foods? Tell us about your ... More »
Shawn - Jessy - I have been a life long vegetarian but I was a junk food and fast food junkie for 14 year... More »
Julian - Shawn- share some of the foods you enjoy for snacks, now that you're fully organic. Any yummy dis... More »
Jennifer - I found swimming great for psoratic arthritis, it's low impact high yeild 😊
john,Hulk - hello ramanathan
john,Hulk - i gave up exercise years ago as i was getting tired too easily and the pain with the arthritis s... More »

From Just found out I've got arthritis in my ankle. ... by meika

Jorge Ayuso - YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have got plaque psoriasis since 12 years ago and psoriatic arthritis since 1... More »
Erin - I have severe psoriatic arthritis. Make sure you see a rheumatologist right away the sooner they ... More »
Chris - You have to get a Rheumatologist for the right meds. Home remedies might help. But it's like putt... More »

From hi! new here. i'll be honest, my P is not very ... by exx

From My joints have been aching on and off lately, I... by Lee

Jennifer - Yay! It's amazing to to have your pain eased right? Especially without prescription drugs that ar... More »
Deleted account - @littlelee ...good to hear you are getting some pain relief at last Lee, long may it last!
Joe - Chinese herbs work great dor psoriasis a d jointbpain with acupuncture must find the right herba... More »
dragan - Sybirian black soap, Kartalin cream *Astrofram,and Sofia cream with bees poison
Lorraine - The only thing that has ever truly helped me was having the light therapy. I was almost clear for... More »
Lorraine - As for the pain I know some people have injections for it. Good luck and all the best.
kevin - my feet and a stinging sensation on the top of my feet
Liz - My knees feet and hands but doesn't help as waiting on Operation for my knee to torn ligaments s... More »
Susan123 - I have the arthritis in every joint , had a hip replacement when I was 32 and knee replacement ... More »

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Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis

There is a chance that with psoriasis you also also develop inflammation of joints (psoriatic arthritis). This can come with swelling, stiffness and pain around the joints. Most people develop psoriasis first and are later diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Flaym members talk about their experience with psoriatic arthritis. Join the conversation!

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